Maxell Communicator Series



Our Communicator, Duplicator and Instant Start cassettes are dependable high quality audiocassettes offering you the quality and consistency you require, backed up by the Maxell reputation for excellence.

These cassettes feature wide frequency response and uniform output characteristics, assuring dependable and accurate performance from one end of the tape to the next, and from one cassette to the other. You'll enjoy these results even after repeated editing - an important consideration for many recording and playback applications.



  • Available in 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minute length.
  • Individually shrink wrapped.
  • Case included.
  • Removable tab to stop accidental over recording.
  • Ideal voice recording tape for court and language training.


  • Description Length/Quantity
  • Communicator 30 30 minutes, 1 unit
  • Communicator 45 45 minutes, 1 unit
  • Communicator 60 60 minutes, 1 unit
  • Communicator 90 90 minutes, 1 unit
  • Communicator 120 120 minutes, 1 unit

Pelican 1200

Ideal size for protecting camcorders.