Infinity Series Generic Replacement Pedals



Ergonomically designed for minimal to no foot fatigue, the Infinity
features a wide, sloping incline to the Play pedal. Weighing 1.5 pounds,
this foot control stays in place and is not shuffled around under your
desk with foot movement. Heavy-duty micro switches insure trouble free
use throughout the life of the unit.

Compatible with most makes and models of transcribing equipment.





  • IN-75 For use with Sony units using FS75 controls
  • IN-35 For use with Sony units using FS35 controls
  • IN-110 For use with Norelco and Philips units 6 pin DIN
  • IN-557 For use with Dictaphone using FS-177557 controls
  • IN-19 For use with Olympus transcribers
  • IN-20 For use with Panasonic
  • IN-210 For use with Philips with 3.5mm stereo plugs
  • IN-215 For use with Philips 15 pin for Speech Mike
  • IN-BMG For use with Dictaphone 15 pin for Boomerang
  • IN-585 For use with Dictaphone with modular phone plug
  • IN-25 For use with Sony M2000 and M2020 series

Maxell CD-R Recordable 650MB (Printable Surface)

Printable surface CD-R's for CD-R ink-jet or thermal printers or silk screening.