VocieIQ NetScribe



NetScribe is a new, Internet-based, enterprise software technology designed to allow a digital voice file (.WAV, MPEG, or other) to be created at a source (typically a Win2000 application i.e. VoiceIQ's CourtABLE LT), and securely stored and transmitted in a 128-byte encrypted format via the Web. It will also facilitate complete transcription workflow via human workers and then re-transmit the digital voice file and accompanying electronic document (WORD or equivalent) together (via the Web) directly back to the source in near real-time.

NetScribe provides all necessary workflow managements tools, database architecture, 128-bit encrypted security features and digital file storage facilities required to provide an automated end-to-end voice to transcription service.

NetScribe is an easy to use Windows program interface (all software driven), requiring low to medium standard-PC computer resources (runs on standard Win2000, w/ mid-range Pentium), and it can operate within minimal bandwidth environments (=>56.6 Kps).







VoiceIQ CFPlayer

Transcription software used in conjunction with Courtflow and CourtAble software.