Intimus VZ16.86



Save space with an efficient shredder-baler combination. Professional high performance large document cross-cut shredder with a 20 inch conveyor belt feed from the receiving table into the cutting mechanism and into the rear baler compact system.

Great for processing large capacities including 3-ring binders, paper, CDs etc. Security shredder designed with key safety and ease of use features, durable and trouble-free operations. 

Available in 3 different cross-cut sizes; 1) 6x50 mm up to 250 sheets, 2) 7.8x55 mm up to 400 sheets, 3) 11.8x55 mm up to 550 sheets.



  • Low dust volume
  • Auto reverses on jams
  • Paddles feed material into cutters and automatically extracts material on jams
  • Shredder and baler operate in tandem
  • Electronic compacting chamber level monitoring
  • Audible bale completed signal
  • Pushbutton control bale ejection
  • Two straps ensure stable bales or plastic sacks for clean packaging
  • Emergency stop bar for immediate stop
  • Safety switch on baler feed flap
  • Special opening allows cartons to be reduced in volume by baler
  • Full 500 mm / 20 inch working width
  • Lockable safety master switch and key switch
  • Main switch; motor protection overload relay and thermosensor
  • Mobile on castors for easy portability
  • 5-year warranty on the cutting heads
  • Optional plastic sacks, bale strapping, dust extractor, automatic oiling pump or pre-shredder conveyer system available


  • Shred size; Cross-cut 6x50 or 7.8x55 or 11.8x55 mm (Cross-cut 7/32 x 1 31/32 or 5/8 x 2 5/32 or 15/32 x 2 5/32 inch) Also available in strip cut.
  • Shredding sheet capacity 6x50mm = 210-250, 7.8x55mm = 300-400, 11.8x55mm = 400-550
  • Pratical capacity (lbs per hour) 2250
  • Working width 500 mm / 20 in.
  • Cutting speed 0.24 m per sec / 50 ft per min
  • Bale size (WxDxH) 600x500x770mm / 23 5/8x21 5/8x30 1/4 in.
  • Press force 80 kN
  • Volume/weight 60-80 kg / 132-176 lbs
  • Motor power 11.5 kW - 15.41 hp
  • Voltage 208/220V, 3 phase
  • Sound level 74 dBA
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 1200x2875x1550 mm - 47x137x61 in.
  • Weight 1256 kg / 2769 lbs

Intimus VZ1200

In conjunction with a conveyer belt for automatic feeding, continuous operation is ensured. Coordinated control of the conveyer belt, pre-shredder and large document shredder such as the 16.00 series shredders, guarantees optimum metering of the material fed into it.