Bretford Series 100 Wall Screens



Matte White fabric offers an excellent general purpose surface ideal for classrooms or training rooms. Wall screen comes complete with screen tension adjustment. Screen tensioning bar runs vertically along back of screen surface. Taut projection surface eliminates waves. Includes Black borders on two sides and two mounting rings (built into the screen case). Case and slat have a Black finish.

Available in the following sizes: 50" x 50"; 60" x 60" and 70" x 70"



  • Tensioning mechanism is built in so that the screen surface can be pulled taut therefore eliminating waves.
  • Wall screen complete with screen tension adjustment.
  • Projection surface is matte white with fiberglass backing.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.


  • Projection surface Matte white with fiberglass backing
  • The case 20-gauge steel, black paint
  • The slat 22-gauge steel, finished with scratch resistant black paint
  • End caps 18-gauge steel, all other exposed metal parts are painted black
  • The hanger brackets Equipped for use on the wall, ceiling, or wall
  • Bottom of fabric Fiberlok strip to trap the fabric rigidly inside the slat
  • Shatterproof plastic inserts Engage Fiberlok strip and cover the open ends of the slat

  • Model Dimension/Wt
  • 1050-M 50" x 50", 17 lbs
  • 1060-M 60" x 60", 20 lbs
  • 1070-M 70" x 70", 23 lbs

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