Sanyo TRC970C



Sanyo's TRC970C is a standard cassette recorder which offers Voice Activation Recording. Ideal as a replacement unit, with contemporary features.



  • Cue index system
  • 3-digit tape counter
  • Voice activated
  • Slow/normal/fast playback speed
  • LED battery and operation indicator
  • External microphone and earphone jack
  • AC adaptor and C-60 tape included


  • Voice Activation Recording starts the recording of information as soon as someone speaks. The recording stops when there is an absence of sound.
  • Selectable microphone sensitivity allows optimal recording during personal dictation or when recording in a conference environment.
  • Three Digit Tape Counter facilitates the easy access to specific segments of the tape.
  • Simplified One Touch Recording enables the unit to start recording at the push of just one button.
  • Cue tone index search system allows for the insertion of reference index points on the tape during the recording process. When the tape is played back on a Sanyo desktop transcriber the points can be easily accessed.
  • Includes AC Adapter that enables the operation of the recorder from wall current.
  • Three-speed playback allows the user to slow down or speed up playback for purposes of transcription or note taking.
  • Auto Stop Mechanism turns off the tape drive system when the end of the tape is reached. This feature prevents the cassette tape from being stretched and extends battery life.
  • Cue/Review Control allows quick easy forward or back access to any part of the tape.
  • Quick Record/Quick Review lets you check what you have just recorded and then resume recording without having to stop tape.
  • Electronic Pause Control temporarily stops the tape movement during recording or playback.
  • LED Battery Indicator notifies the user when the battery needs to be replaced.
  • External DC Jack enables the connection to an optional adapter that will allow the recorder to operate from wall current instead of batteries.
  • External Earphone/Headset Jack allows the user to monitor recordings through an optional headset or earphone.
  • External Microphone Jack allows the connection of an optional external microphone.
  • Operates on two "AA" size batteries.
  • Accessories included: AC adapter and carrying case.
  • Cue tone (index) switch.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 3.4 x 4.5 x 1.3 inch.

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