Shredder Bags



With so many laws regarding disposal, clear shredder bags are up to the task. Our clear shredder bags are very durable and come in a variety of sizes. Simply choose the bag that fits your needs, and we will ship it out to you today.  



  • Top quality durable bags to contain your shredded material.
  • Various sizes in stock ready to ship.
  • Clearly meets your recycling requirements.


  • 3 Mil. Clear Plastic Shredder Bags
  • 26 x 36 Inches - Box of 200
  • 42 x 48 Inches - Box of 100/200
  • 35 x 50 Inches - Box of 100
  • Other sizes also available, Please call (613) 226-6758

5000 Martin Yale

This new data shredder is designed for office/large use (3+ users). It is a powerful and versatile shredder that handles CD's and credit cards. This shredder offers performance and security standards, which normally can be found in high-end shredders.