MULTISHRED reduces your risk of data interception with shredding services and equipment for your disposition management. For more information on reducing your risks:

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Providing document, IT media shredding services and shredding products. Government approved destruction processes with security cleared personnel.

Good governance requires PIDEDA compliance. With the new Personal Information Protection & Electronic Document Act, data protection has become, by necessity, an integral part of every organization. The act states that all information, whether stored on IT digital media or paper must be destroyed when the information is no longer required.

Shredding services

Any type of data, that resides on disk drives, backup tapes, CD ROMs, thumb drives, scrap paper, documents and other computer IT-media thoughtlessly thrown into the wastebasket is a security breach and can be useful to others and damaging to your organization with liable consequences.

For personal use or for an entire department the complete protection of your business interests can be achieved through the use of MultiShred's shredding and recycling services.

  • Shredding services include: Paper documents, Passports, Photos, Microfiche, Computer Printouts, Adhesive Labels, Architectural Drawings, Slides, Overhead Presentation Slides, Printer Ribbons to items such as computer Hard Drives, Sanitizing Hard Drives, DLTís, CDís, DVDís, Floppy Disks, ZIP Disks, Electronic Boards, Microchips, Microfiche, Christograms, Moore DRS Printer Ribbons, Cell Phones, Blackberry's, Thumb Drives, Video and Audio Cassettes and more.
  • Servicing Government, Corporate, Home Office and Individual clients.
  • PWGSC approved destruction services for Controlled Goods.
  • Service second to none with rapid shred scheduling services.
  • Cross cut shredding-conform to federal government IIIB standards.
  • Hard drive sanitization services: Utilizing EDT's Digital Shredder for the strongest and fastest method to secure and erase data.
  • Regularly scheduled pickups and purging.
  • Locked material collection consoles and protective cases.
  • Federal Government security cleared personnel.
  • Recycling programs in effect.

Shredding equipment

With the current age of information technology, lively spy-wars, national security, industrial espionage and identity theft, preventing the interception of data assets and shredding of personal or company information has become a matter of necessity. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their data and intellectual property.

  • Complete line of personal shredders, office shredders, digital sanititizers, industrial shredders to disintegrators and baler/compactors systems.
  • Superfine Level 6 shredders. Particle size corresponds to NSA/CSS USA Government specification 1.0x5.0 mm.
  • High security shredders-conform to federal government Type II standards.
  • Cross cut shredders-conform to federal government Type IIIA and IIIB standards.
  • Multimedia IT shredders-conform to federal government Protected A-B/C standards.
  • Strip cut shredders.
  • Hard Drive Overwrite Solution, Fed. Gov. National Master Standing Offer Number: E60QE-08BIO4/002/QE.
  • Shredders, Fed. Gov. National Master Standing Offer Number: (Expired).

Secure material collection consoles and protective cases

Protect your valuable data from being intercepted prior to destruction or transportation cases to protect equipment. Whether your storing data or you need to carry laptops, photographic or other sensitive equipment, MultiShred has a container or case for your needs.

Shredding and equipment guidelines

To request more information on shredding and equipment guidelines, call (613) 226-6758 or email us at to . Please take some time to fill out the SURVEY and fax it to 613-723-9509.

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