With the current age of information technology, lively spy-wars, national security, industrial espionage and identity theft, preventing the interception of data assets and shredding of personal or company information has become a matter of necessity. Government departments, corporations, military agencies, legal firms, hospitals, banking and insurance as well as private enterprises and individuals all have the need to protect their data and intellectual property.

  • Complete line of personal shredders, office shredders, industrial shredders, disintegrators and baler/compactors systems.
  • Superfine Level 6 shredders. Particle size corresponds to NSA/CSS USA Government specification.
  • High security shredders-conform to federal government Type II standards.
  • Cross cut shredders-conform to federal government security standards.
  • Multimedia IT shredders-conform to federal government Protected A-B/C standards.
  • Hard Drive Overwrite Solution, Fed. Gov. National Master Standing Offer Number: E60QE-08BIO4/002/QE.
  • Shredders, Fed. Gov. National Master Standing Offer Number: (Expired)
  • Hard Drive Overwrite Solution, Fed. Gov. National Master Standing Offer Number: E60QE-08BIO4/002/QE.

NMSO shredders and IT shredding

As you are probably aware if you tried to order a shredder as a call-up against the National Master Standing Offer Number: E60HN-00SHRE/001/HN that the NMSO has expired. The Standing Offer for shredders has yet to be re-negotiated, and until a new one is in place, call-ups will not be possible. Therefore you will need to use a local PO for your purchases. We have new standing offer pricing that is effective even though no NMSO is currently in place.

As well, there are NO standing offers that are APPROVED by the government for Destruction Services of IT media such for items such as hard drives, DLT backup tapes, VHS, audiocassettes, xrays, microfiche DVDís, 4mm DAT, CD ROMs, Super Disks, Zip Disks, Floppy Disks etc., If in doubt contact your departmental security officer or PWGSC for confirmation....

PIPEDA, more than just shredding paper

Secure your risk of data interception with Multishred's ability to securely destroy not only paper but also hard-drives, backup tapes, video cassettes, circuit boards, floppy disks, CDs DVDs, Thumb Drives, Blackberry's and more. Multishred ensures full PIPEDA compliance and firmly supports recycling programs.

Controlled Goods Clearance

The Controlled Goods Directorate of Public Works and Government Services have approved us for the destruction of Controlled Goods.

We follow the new destruction guidelines for paper and IT media as established by Federal Government security agencies. For a copy of the current guidelines, please contact us at 613.226-6758 or info@multishred.com .


Intimus 402

Small office use, cross cut, paper shredder.