The key to knowledge training.

We are a multicultural society, and therefore have a diversity of languages and customs. Language schools abound, English or French are taught in our schools as a second language, not only to our new Canadians, but to many born here as well.

There are many aides used in today's classrooms, encompassing the latest in technology. Digital Language Laboratories incorporate multimedia options to facilitate the learning environment, and at the basic level learning centers allow children in pre-school to listen to books on cassette, or practice the pronunciation of consonants.

For over 50 years Califone has been in the educational market, making durable equipment that has stood the test of time. The diversity of product range and options available is extensive; Classroom recorder player, listening center, powered learning center, boom boxes, learning materials, public address systems, wireless microphones, karaoke machines, cordless language systems, digital computer classroom systems.

Eiki makes several models of Classroom recorder players and listening centers that have been used by clients in both educational and non-educational environments.

Both lines can be interchanged with each other, or with other lines to create a "custom" solution.


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