Selecting Screens

We get lots of questions about how to spec out screens and thought we would help by pulling a reference sheet together. While this is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us if we can help in any other way.

Sound Business Products 20 years of design experience, innovative products and qualified service support add up to a continuing commitment to serve your needs with quality projection screens. Whether wall screen or tripod design, electric or manual, Sound Business Products has a screen to fit most needs and display every projected image at its best.

Where will the screen be installed?

Pinpoint the exact viewing environment you’re creating. Does the project involve a theatre, classroom or training facility? Each screen has been recommended for use in various setting based on its construction and features. There is a screen for every installation— big or small.

What are the projection requirements?

Choose the correct screen format by determining the type of projection that will be used—slide, film, video, overhead or multimedia. Select a square format for overhead and slide projector use, because these images project in a perfect square. For film, video and multimedia presentations, choose a video view format—the screen is wider than it is high to compensate for images that “spread” as they are projected.

What size do I need?

Calculate the correct screen size for your project. Our experience shows that size is best determined by measuring the distance from the screen to the last row of seats. Divide this number by eight to determine the width for a square format screen, or by six for a video format.

Which fabric is best?

Once you’ve established the initial parameters, you are ready to select the correct screen fabric for your installation. Our fabric features a taut surface while preventing any sun or other distracting light from “bleeding through” and interfering with projection. All fabric resists tears, fire and mildew.

How do I solve an unsightly in ceiling-installation?

Sound Business Products can provide screens that allow the screen to be fully retracted, while the Slat rests flush with the ceiling, keeping the screen totally hidden from view. The slat complements, rather than distracts from the design of the room. The Slat is factory installed and eliminates the need for bulky trap door installations, which are more costly and take up more space.

What accessories does this project require?

Extra drop … Black borders … Remote control … Wall switches


Intimus 502CD

Designed to destroy CDs, Floppy Disks, Credit Cards, ID Badges.