Active Software upgrades

The software used by your Audiolog and VoiceIQ products is periodically updated; new versions can help fix problems, support new technologies and bring significant performance improvements.

The link to Voice IQ is for upgrade support on various court/legislative digital software applications that they provide.

The link to Audiolog is for upgrade support on various multi-channel logging software applications that they provide.

Shredding Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

MultiShred stands by the products that we sell. Whether you need repairs or regular scheduled Product Maintenance Package. We have highly trained technicians that can service your shredder and keep it running like new.


Intimus VZ17.00

Reduce your liability! By shredding your material internally you ensure your data is destroyed. Large quantities of valuable and sensitive information held by banking and insurance industries, pharmaceutical companies, postal industries, monetary printers and governments rely on internal shredding equipment.